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Westcotes Student Accommodation
48a Paton Street, Leicester, Leicestershire LE3 0BE
Phone: 0116 282 3580
Students from any Leicester University or College can rent any of the student properties.  For couples looking for a flat, if one of you is a working professional* whilst the the other is studying,  its ok for you to rent one of our student flats.   Working people should only select accommodation for professionals. 

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Please note that use of this website constitutes your acceptance of our terms and conditions, which includes our cookie policy.  For more about this and information relevant to the student / professionals accommodation we offer, please see the terms and conditions link on our home page.  If you have any queries about; these terms and conditions, the accommodation we provide, or anything else you are unsure of then please feel free to contact us, just use the "Contact Us" tab at the top of this page, for the various ways you can get in touch.

* Working professionals - we will credit score your application and only those candiates that meet our selection criteria will be accepted as tenants. Proof of income, and 3 months bank statements as well as
References from your current/previous Employer and previous landlord may be required.  Unfortunately we are unable to provide accommodation for DSS / housing support tenants.