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Frequently Asked Questions

HOW DO I/WE SECURE A PLACE WITH WESTCOTES ? - All you need to do is lodge with us 1 months advance rent, and a post dated cheque for the deposit amount - which will only be deposited @ 1 month before the start of your tenancy.  On signing contracts you will be given 2 weeks to get your guarantor forms duly completed and signed.

WHAT DOES THE RENT INCLUDE ? - Our "Bills Inclusive" properties cover your gas, electricity and water bills, [fair use restrictions apply].  From time to time we may also do promotional offers that include Wi-Fi and/or the provision of a flatscreen TV as well. 

If you rent a property that does not state that it is "Bills Inclusive then you will be responsible for paying your gas, electricity & water bills. In all cases Tenants are responsible for Obtaining and keeping a valid TV licence [should they need one] and for paying any council tax if due, [though typically full time students are exempt from paying council tax].


We have a range of different offers that will give you access to the very best deals available in the UK, see Internet & TV page for more details.

A helpful guide to Broadband Speeds:

For 1-6 Bed properties   - 50Mb is sufficient for every day use ie. 2 or 3 people streaming HDTV
                                      at the same time, while 2 or 3 people surf the web/check emails.

For 1-6 Bed properties   - 100Mb for heavy use - everyone streaming HDTV at the same time.

                                  - 152Mb overkill - its unlikely you will ever need this speed.

In our opinion: with a good 50Mb connection most of the time, the speed the website your viewing is able to serve the content to you is the limiting factor, and therefore the speed of your package will not be the critical factor, so you could save money by going for a cheaper package, though the choice of course is yours.

I WANT TO STAY IN MY STUDENT HOUSE OVER THE SUMMER ? - This is usually ok for tenants already in residence, to stay through the summer [with full rent being payable] however for new tenants this would have to be discussed on a case by case basis as we usually require the property to be empty over the summer period so tradesmen can attend to any works required, and undertake the relevant inspections and maintenance.

WHERE CAN I STORE MY BELONGINGS BEFORE MOVING IN ? - Unfoturtunately we are not able to store your belongings in your property over the summer as our tradesmen need unfettered access to conduct inspections and maintenance works.  However you can of course use   any of the following storage companies who for a reasonable price will store your belongings for you.

SHOULD I GET CONTENTS INSURANCE ? - We recommend that everyone takes out personal possesions insurance, it is especially helpful if you have a laptop, phone, ipod etc that can easily be lost/damaged/stolen.  Endsleigh provide a great deal for students and are endorsed by the NUS.

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