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Terms and Conditions

General Disclaimer

Whilst we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information and pricing of our accommodation contained on this site, due to the nature of the internet, we can not guarantee that our site is hacker-proof.  Westcotes Properties Ltd. accepts no liability for any loss or inconvenience, to any person/(s) or other parties as a result of the information contained on this website, whether due to  inaccuracy  or omission on the part of Westcotes Properties Ltd. or due to any interference of another party/parties.   Please call us to confirm details about your chosen accommodation. 


All contents of this website remain the intellectual property of Westcotes Properties Ltd (©Westcotes Properties Ltd. 2007).  All images and slide shows are compiled from our own images or from open source materials that are royalty free or commercially licensed images. 

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Hacking & I.T. Attacks.

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For Those visiting our accommodation website Westcotes (dot) com  We do not collect personalised data but we do use tracking cookies for our google analytics programme. This will track the use of our site by all our vistors aggregated together. This is necessary for us to ensure the website delivers what our customers want and to help improve our services.  We do not sell this data ever.  Data is stored by google on their servers.  

We may also use session cookies to enable loggin into restricted parts of our website or to allow our email forms to work correctly [these session cookies are deleted as soon as you finish  your browser session by closing the browser].  If you are not happy to have cookies stored on you machine from visiting our website then you are advised not to continue using this website, as we are unable to turn cookies off.

Other various cookies may be used to allow certain technical parts of our website to operate correctly.

Advertised Rent - What’s Included.

The Rents advertised for our accommodation are exclusive of  all bills, water rates and council tax, [which if due, are payable by the tenants, directly to the appropriate service providers], except where specifically stated otherwise. 

Tenants are wholly responsible for paying for the installation of any additional services and for their use & /or any associated rental/subscription fee’s. [see note+]. Written permission from the landlord must be obtained by the tenants before any services are installed into the property that require, holes of any nature to be drilled into the walls/ cables to be fed into the building.

It is important to note that for our student accommodation any weeks where half rent is chargeable these payments are a “retainer” in order to keep the property for the sole use of the contracted tenants, and during this time period occupation of the premises is prohibited unless explicitly stated otherwise.  [This allows essential  maintenance works to be undertaken].

Tenants Accepted:

Please note we only let our "let to professionals" properties to full time, working professionals, who pass our credit checking processes, and can provide suitable references.  For our student properties, tenants will normally be required to provide a uk resident guarantor - full legal permanent residential status required, who will also have to pass our credit checking processes.  [A guarantor is someone who signs a legally binding contract to pay for your rent should you for any reason not meet the stipulated rent payment schedule]. 

For oversea's students that do not have a UK resident guarentor, we may at our discretion choose to waive this stipulation, and instead require more advance rent to be paid to provide security to our landlords.  These decisions will be made by us on a case by case basis, and any decision we make is final.

At this time unfortunately we are unable to accept DSS/Unemployed status Tenants.


Gas Safety Certificates are displayed within the relevant properties to which they pertain - if yours has been defaced/missplaced then contact the office and we will provide you with a replacement copy.

Energy Efficiency Certificates for our properties are available for viewing in the Leicester Office. 

Promotional Deals - Internet & TV - Full details of offers can be found here!

Agency Fees

Student - Fees

Contract Signing Fees - none#
Tenant Referencing Fees - none.
Deposit Protection Fees - none.
Inventory Fees - none.

Non Student - Fees

Contract Signing Fees - none#.
Deposit Protection fees - none.
Tenant Referencing Fees - none.
Inventory Fees - may apply - £50 per tenant.

All Tenants - Penalties that may apply#

Replacement contracts or contract changes may be charged at £50 per contract.

Monies paid to us as a retainer will not be returned to you if you/your group fail(s) to honour your tenancy agreement, and additionally all other rents due and interest on late paid rent as set out in the tenancy agreement you have signed with us, will continue to be owed, until such time as they are paid in full.

Occasionally we may allow you/your group to reserve a property by way of paying us a holding deposit - any monies paid for this purpose are none refundable if you/your group  fail(s) to sign a tenancy agreement with us, within the agreed timeframe, for what ever reason.

Please also note as we operate a family business we do not have client monies protection.
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