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Internet & TV - Terms & Conditions

#Note a- Fastest broadband widely available according to a OFCOM 2011 survey -  Source Virgin Media Website.
§Note b - At a charge for student houses and flats [unless explicitly stated otherwise], you will have to sign a contract with Virgin Media to obtain these services.
*Note c -  VirginMediaTerms and Condtions apply see detailed information below. Speeds quoted are "upto" speeds. 
ΏNote e-  Upgrades are chargeable to tenants and must be taken out at the start of the contract with Virgin Media.
ƛNote f - TIVO is a chargeable upgrade and may require contracts that last for a greater length of tim, and may not be available on all packages.
Note g - Baesd on 6 people sharing a house, with a "50Mb broadband only" package at a cost per month of £33.00 = £0.87 / per person per week.
² Note - Selected Luxury Flats  provide these facilities see individual property pages.

1.0) †Free High Speed Wi-Fi Internet:  “The Amount” as shown below shall be deducted from the rents due on the individual property you let from us, for the duration of your tenancy [at the time of drafting this document “The Amount”  is sufficient to allow you to purchase the  “The Services” shown below from “The Supplier” shown below].   You will need to phone “The Supplier” via “The Supplier Contact No.” shown below and sign up for a @12 month contract for “The Services”.  These services must be taken out in your own names.

“The Amount” £33.00  [per calendar month]  per property           [see details below]
“The Services”:  Up to 50Mb per sec,  Broadband Only   [see details below]
“The Installation Fee”: Up to £50  per Property                            [see details below]
“The Supplier”: Virgin Media 
“The Supplier Terms &  Conditions”:                
“The Supplier  Contact No.”: 0844 887 5111
“Router/Set Top Box/Phone Socket Location”                                                 The Properties Living Room

1.1) A single broadband connection [1 per Property] is provided for Selected Student Properties.  If your student property does not currently have a Connection from the “The Supplier”, and you choose a package that requires a new broadband installation that is charged for, we will reimburse to you the amount you pay for the installation up to, but not more than “The Installation Fee” shown above.  We will not pay for additional connections or connections for other services or for connections from other suppliers.  As soon as the Installation has been completed and paid for, contact us for a refund of the installation fee [bring a copy of the paid receipt with you].  You will need to arrange for any connection required and be in the property to supervise the tradesmen undertaking the installation and ensure that the “Router/Set Top Box/Phone Socket Location” [shown above] is adhered too.  The Advertised connection speed refers to the maximum average “Download” speed possible, at certain times the Internet speeds may be lower than this.  Downloads are unlimited though terms and conditions do apply including fair use policies, see “The Supplier Terms & Conditions”. You may not use this Internet Connection for any commercial purpose. 
1.2) Westcotes Properties Ltd will not pay for any additional/alternate services.   At the start of your contract with “The Supplier” you are not restricted to choosing just ”The Services” as shown above. You can choose any package of Internet and/or TV channels/ phone lines etc that you wish, [see “The Supplier” website for full details of the options available]. However  whatever package you choose to sign up to only “The Amount” [stated above] shall be deductible from the rents due, for the duration of your tenancy with us,  as any additional/alternate services you sign up for are to be paid in full by the tenant(s). 
1.3) Westcotes Properties Ltd. will not be liable for the costs of swapping to another supplier once you have had a connection installed or once you have commenced a broadband subscription package.  If you violate the terms of the agreement between you and “The Supplier” this can result in your connection speed being reduced, and /or your internet connection being removed altogether, if this happens we will not be held liable for any losses incurred by you or any other party and you will  not receive any other service or cash alternative in lieu of a broadband connection that has been suspended or reduced due to your breach of “The Supplier Terms & Conditions”. 
1.4) “The Supplier” may alter the products & services it offers &/or may cease to trade, or the prices may change in the intervening time between when this document was produced / when you sign a contract with us / when your tenancy begins / when your tenancy ends.  Therefore it may not be possible to provide to you ”The Services”.  If such circumstances prevail we will allow  “The Amount” to be deductible from rents due to enable you to purchase a similar package  of “The Services” if available, which may entail a higher or lower speed connection &/or different TV channels &/or different phone deals and/or differing Supplier Terms & Conditions of use &/or Contract Length.  It will be at the sole discretion of Westcotes Properties Ltd. as to whether we allow an alternate supplier to be substituted in place of “The Supplier” above named.  If prices fall below “The Amount” we will still allow “The Amount” to be deducted from rents and The Tenants can pocket any difference, similarly if prices rise above “The Amount” we will only allow “The Amount” to be deducted from rents and the tenants will have to pay for any shortfall.   Please note that in all circumstances, the total amount of monies that Westcotes Properties Ltd shall allow to be deductible from rents due, will not exceed from “The Amount” stated above. 

1.5) As Westcotes Properties Ltd. is not the supplier of “The Services” we cannot make any guarantee about their performance or availability,  and therefore Westcotes Properties Ltd. will not be held liable for any losses or inconvenience caused to you or any other party by the inability to supply these services whether  in part or in whole for any period of time. 
2.0) Φ  32 Inch Flatscreen TV with Freeview provided:  For Selected Student Properties One 32 Inch Flat Screen TV [diagonal screen size] with Freeview  is included per property,  at no cost to the tenant(s)’s.  It must remain in situ and at the end of  the tenancy it must be undamaged &  in full working order complete with the provided working remote control.  Any damages or losses to either the supplied TV or the remote control  may result in a deduction from your security deposit.   In certain properties we may need to provide a smaller screen size due to the physical limitations of the location.  It is the tenant’s responsibility to provide & replace batteries for the remote control unit.

Note: You are responsible for obtaining and keeping a valid Colour T.V. licence for the full duration of your Tenancy  & you will need to bring your valid tv licence with you before we can give you the keys to your property.
3.0) These free offers have no cash value and no alternative will be offered.  These deals are only available to tenant(s)  that sign tenancy agreements with us for certain select properties, after July  1st, 2012,  on the condition that the tenant(s)s pay in full, the initial deposits, retainers & on-going rents & also [for properties where a TV set has been provided] the tenants must provide a full colour TV licence for the property, before moving in.   

This Document is ©Westcotes Properties Ltd, 2012

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