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Student - Fees

Contract Signing Fees - none#
Tenant Referencing Fees - none.
Deposit Protection Fees - none.
Inventory Fees - none.

Non Student - Fees

Contract Signing Fees - none#.
Deposit Protection fees - none.
Tenant Referencing Fees - 50 per tenant.
Inventory Fees - may apply - 50 per tenant.

All Tenants - Penalties that may apply#

Replacement contracts or contract changes may be charged at 50 per contract.

Monies paid to us as a retainer will not be returned to you if you/your group fail(s) to honour your tenancy agreement, and additionally all other rents due and interest on late paid rent as set out in the tenancy agreement you have signed with us, will continue to be owed, until such time as they are paid in full.

Occasionally we may allow you/your group to reserve a property by way of paying us a holding deposit - any monies paid for this purpose are none refundable if you/your group  fail(s) to sign a tenancy agreement with us, within the agreed timeframe, for what ever reason.

Agency Fees*

General Disclaimer

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